Simon Ammann: Flying in the air.

Simon Ammann

Diving into the world of ski jumping

Marta Bassino: Enjoying the moment after a good performance.

Marta Bassino

A good feeling on the mountain

Chelsea Jaensch: In full stride during a jump.

Chelsea Jaensch

Renewal in track and field

Robin Haase: Enjoying the moment.

Robin Haase

The right moves on the court

Wayne Simmonds: He deflects the puck in front of the net.

Wayne Simmonds

Preparation for the hockey season

Nino Schurter: Taking a turn in the dry dirt trail.

Nino Schurter

Sky is the limit for the mountain biker

Tony Gallopin: Cyclist with the colors of Lotto Soudal.

Tony Gallopin

The desire to surpass oneself

Brianne Theisen-Eaton: Focused in the women's 4 x 400 metres relay at the 2015 Pan American Games.

Brianne Theisen-Eaton

Heptathlon, live it to the fullest

Thomas Röhler: Javelin thrower.

Thomas Röhler

Into the training of a javelin thrower

Primož Roglič: Training in Mojácar, Spain.

Primož Roglič

Making his way on the road

Sally Fitzgibbons: Aussie girl.

Sally Fitzgibbons

Enjoying the wave

Sierra Blair-Coyle: Upside down.

Sierra Blair-Coyle

Passion, dedication and hard training

Dario Cologna: Cross-country skiing athlete.

Dario Cologna

The preparation of a cross-country skier

Finn Hågen Krogh: Cross-country skiing athlete.

Finn Hågen Krogh

Norwegian sport culture

Michael Chang: The man.

Michael Chang

The different aspects to consider in training

Pauline Nordin: Hard training.

Pauline Nordin

Training, a lifestyle

Roman Josi: In action.

Roman Josi

Swiss hockey seen by an offensive defenseman

Ilaria Debertolis: A cross-country skier focused on her goals.

Ilaria Debertolis

A glimpse into the training of a cross-country skier

Joé Juneau: Playing for the Montreal Canadiens.

Joé Juneau

Hockey in the Great North of Québec

Cover page of the book Nose to tail eating – A kind of British cooking.

Fergus Henderson

A leap of faith in the culinary world

Annika Beck: Playing for Germany.

Annika Beck

The rigorous training of a tennis player

Daniela Hantuchová: In action.

Daniela Hantuchová

The pleasure of training

Simon Mtuy: Among volcanic rocks.

Simon Mtuy

A great runner on Mount Kilimanjaro

Steve Young: Run.

Steve Young

With a true fighting spirit

Kateryna and Alona Bondarenko: Discussion between sisters.

Alona Bondarenko

Victory in doubles at the Australian Open

Henri Richard: Complex situation against the Boston Bruins.

Henri Richard

The foundations of hockey

Carlos Sastre: Focus during a time trial.

Carlos Sastre

Insights of a Tour de France champion

François Legrand: The choreography of a climber.

François Legrand

Freedom on a cliff

Nick Easter: Rushing forward.

Nick Easter

The relentless implication of a rugby player

Victoria Azarenka: With the trophy.

Victoria Azarenka

The way to the top

Dudi Sela: Serving.

Dudi Sela

A flame of Israel

Nadia Petrova: In the game.

Nadia Petrova

The international point of view of professional tennis

Nathalie Dechy: Chasing a ball.

Nathalie Dechy

Chocolate, wine and books

Dominika Cibulková: Victory.

Dominika Cibulková

The training of a rising player

Elena Dementieva: Ready for the ball.

Elena Dementieva

A few words about Russia

Araceli Segarra: Rock climbing, one of her passions.

Araceli Segarra

A captain ready to do the job well

Tomáš Kaberle: Enjoying the moment.

Tomáš Kaberle

A captain ready to do the job well

Nicklas Bäckström: Waiting for the play to develop.

Nicklas Bäckström

A young wolf with Team Sweden

Séverine Beltrame: All in suppleness.

Séverine Beltram

The sources of motivation

Jelena Janković: Athletic, talented and with an entrancing style.

Jelena Janković

A Serbian flavour on the tennis court

Puyol: Celebration.


An accomplished captain on the field

Roberto Galán: Accomplishes a pass with his cape.

Roberto Galán

The life of a matador

Catriona Le May Doan: Grace and speed.

Catriona Le May Doan

The Olympic dream realized

Hugo Girard: To go always a little bit further.

Hugo Girard

Beyond excellence, surpassing oneself

Felipe : Pleasure on the field.


The sensational player

Roberto Brum: Athletic prowess and determination.

Roberto Brum

The fire of Coritiba

Renato: Celebration.


Agile, elegant, flamboyant

Muhammad Ali looks at Sonny Liston on the canvas.

Muhammad Ali (profile)

Art of boxing

Michael Jordan: Incredible dunk.

Michael Jordan (profile)

Above the rim

Wayne Gretzky: A Stanley Cup for the Edmonton Oilers.

Wayne Gretzky (profile)

The passion of hockey