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Joé Juneau: Playing for the Montreal Canadiens. Joé Juneau
Hockey in the Great North of Québec

Great playmaker, Joé was a creative offensive player. The center liked to orchestrate the attacks with his teammates by good passes. But way before his professional career, he opted for an atypical choice by mixing school and sport together. While playing hockey, he got a diploma in aeronautical engineering at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the state of New York. But it’s from the National Collegiate Athletic Association that he received, in 2016, the prestigious Silver Anniversary Award given each year to a select group of six student-athletes across the United States. The hockey player who was born in Pont-Rouge, a village of 5,000 persons in his youth, can be proud of that because it honours his work as a university and professional player as well as his social contribution after his career as a hockey player. The interview

Interviews (tennis)

Victoria Azarenka
Séverine Beltrame
Alona Bondarenko
Dominika Cibulková
Nathalie Dechy
Elena Dementieva
Marina Erakovic
Daniela Hantuchová
Jelena Jankovic

Cover page of the book Nose to tail eating – A kind of British cooking. Fergus Henderson
A leap of faith in the culinary world

Cofounder of the restaurant St. John situated in the locality of Smithfield (near the hearth of London), Fergus and his team have put in place an establishment where the so neglected parts of the animals such as kidneys, liver and tongue take their place on the menu with the more noble products. For him, it’s common sense to use the whole animal which was slaughtered. With it, you can discover a world of flavor and texture. It’s in a Georgian building with immaculate white walls that Fergus offers to the customer dishes which spark interest and curiosity. Now, one must relax and enjoy a good lunch. The interview

Jacqueline Carvalho: Focus.

Annika Beck: Playing for Germany. Annika Beck
The rigorous training of a tennis player

Focused on her goals, Annika demonstrates her skills and her determination when she practices or during a match. The young German player has already shown her drive since she joined the WTA in 2009 at the age of 15. She has won two titles in singles, another one in doubles and she has represented her country at the Fed Cup twice. Her playing style revolved mainly on the baseline where she shows combativeness with her forehand ground strokes. Disciplined and with a true passion for tennis, we can see that her future is bright on the tour. The interview

Lionel Messi: Under the rain.

Steve Young: Simply flying on the field. Steve Young
With a true fighting spirit

Athletic quarterback, Steve delivered many times exciting passes and made staggering runs to the delight of the San Francisco 49ers supporters. As the seasons went by, he accumulated an impressive 4,239 yards by the ground and he gained 33,124 yards by air. His style was captivating and no one knew what strategy he will use to make the ball move forward, but one thing was sure, the American player always gave everything he got. A quite uncommon playing style in the NFL! Oh yes, Steve was an amazing player to watch. The interview

World's Strongest Man


François Legrand: The choreography of a climber. François Legrand
A feeling of freedom on a cliff

Alone on a cliff, François climbs freely in a choreography which pushes him always a little bit higher. With his unique body motion, he executes, with suppleness and strength, skilful movements in order to find his route among the obstacles that the rock presents to him naturally. Cliffs have always been his principal motivation since his childhood. In front of the route and facing the challenge, he searches the solutions and the appropriated moves which will lead to the summit. The immensity of the cliff brings at the same time respect, a challenge and the spirit of surpassing oneself. Honest with himself, it is there that François lives fully his passion as a climber. The interview

Eddy Merckx: In it.

Victoria Azarenka: Happy with her trophy. Victoria Azarenka
The way to the top

Victoria triumphed in a few single tournaments such as in Miami by beating along the way the world number one Serena Williams. Besides, she took her place among the selective top 10 of women’s tennis. Her progression will now be more arduous knowing that the competition is fierce at the top of the ranking. The player from Minsk will be well advised to perfect her strategy and her tennis in order to challenge on a regular basis the athletic players of the WTA. Yet, concern does not hover over her because when one sees her potential, one knows that she can improve thousands of aspects of her game. The interview

Fight for the ball on the ground.

Carlos Sastre: Focus during a time trial. Carlos Sastre
Insights of a Tour de France champion

At the beginning of his career, Carlos learned from his teammates the basics of the job while living on the side his ambitions of victory. Patient, methodical and a team player, he did strategic races where the contribution of his teammates was important. Than, his dream of victory in a great tour came through. At the 17th stage of the 2008 Tour de France, between Enbrun and Alpe d'Huez, he broke away from his opponents and he cycled through, in pain, the three major passes of the 210.5 km. The interview

Towards the summit
of Kilimanjaro

A story about determination

Six athletes: Alona Bondarenko, François Legrand, Simon Mtuy, Henri Richard, Carlos Sastre and Steve Young

Hugo Girard: To go always a little bit further. Hugo Girard
Beyond excellence, surpassing oneself

With his impressive athletic shape, Hugo realizes sporting achievements which arouse the enthusiasm of crowds. He lifts up at arm's length metal beams over 400 pounds. He flips cars upside down and holds back cars of all kinds where only a few would attempt to try. The interview

Ana Ivanovic: Playing cricket.

Henri Richard: Complex situation against the Bonston Bruins. Henri Richard
The foundations of hockey

At the time where the National Hockey League counted only six teams and where rivalry between the cities was possibly at the greatest, Henri excelled on the ice by combining skill and intensity. Quick and good handler of the puck, this center played a determining role in the line up of the Montreal Canadiens which had success in the overall ranking during the 50s, 60s and 70s. Besides, it’s by making dazzling plays in matches against the five other great clubs (Rangers, Bruins, Red Wings, Black Hawks and Maple Leafs) that number 16 of the Canadiens showed his talent and combativeness. Henri gave himself body and soul, because he was truly a passionate player on the ice. The interview

Björn Borg and John McEnroe: United opponents.

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